..::Art & Sole Contemporary Sneaker Design::.. Januar 11, 2010

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In recent years the sneaker scene has exploded through collaboration with artists and designers. These specialist shoes are invariably produced as short runs, using innovative or luxury materials and often with bespoke packaging. Some even push the design of the shoes themselves, creating hybrids or new incarnations of classic designs. Focusing exclusively on contemporary, cutting-edge sneaker design, Art & Sole sets out to explore and celebrate the creative side of sneaker culture, showing the best and most original rarities/collaborations and previewing the latest art and design. These shoes are at the sharp end of sneaker culture – not shoes that can be found in your average sports shop. The book highlights how a growing number of artists base their work on sneakers – from sculptures made from dissected shoes, to oil paintings on canvas, and even the customization of the shoes themselves. Among the top brands in the book are Nike, Adidas and Puma, and among the featured designers collaborating with them are Peter Saville, Sean D’Anconia and Haze. Quelle: www.laurenceking.com


..::Nike SB Omar Salazar Sample::.. Dezember 2, 2009

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While we have seen Omar Salazars Nike SB Pro Model due out early next year in some of the leaked line sheets, here is a sample of a Red, White, and Blue colorway that will most likely never hit retail, but was recently found on ebay


..::Stormtrooper-Sneakers von Adidas::.. November 24, 2009

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Adidas hat Star Wars entdeckt. Es hat zwar ein bisschen gedauert, aber jetzt bringt der Hersteller eine ganze Reihe Schuhe und Klamotten für Fans des Franchise.

Ob den weissen Imperial-Stormtrooper-Sneakers oder den schwarzen Darth-Vader-Sneakers. Und damit ist noch nicht genug. Auch Kapuzenshirts, T-Shirts sind im Start Wars Look erhältlich.

Weiter Infos findet ihr unter Kicks on Fire.